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Genealogical Help.

FYI: I am writing this at nearly 5:00am and have yet to sleep.

I am at a roadblock when it comes to the family tree. I've hit the generation that falls just before and during the American Revolution. This is rather annoying because I cannot find the next generation prior.

This is just a portion. What I am looking at is the far right group: Peter McCain and Ann Hall (married 1792) and Daniel Spriggs and Sarah Throckmorton. Trying to find any information has been next to impossible.

This is my call for help. If there are any relatives who might find themselves reading this, I would gladly accept any help.

Since this post is being done at such a late/early hour, I'm going to call it a wrap for now. I will be back later today to write all information that I do have.


Talk About Changes

I'm not sure what to think about the new post editor. I like it but also hate it. *shrug*

Since the whole Facebook and Russian thing has come to light, I've been thinking about making a full return to LJ. Though, honestly, it seems the site is pretty dead. I do miss the community here.

As my previous post stated, I've been working on my family's genealogy. I was working on my sister's father's side, but the more secrets we uncovered the more we understood why her great grandmother took so many secrets to her grave. We've opted to abandon our research.

I've been looking for a job for a year now. Applications have been submitted to so many places that I've forgotten a lot of them. In all my effort, not one call has come in with a possible interview. Plenty of rejection emails though. It's no wonder my depression has been growing worse. It makes you feel pathetic and unwanted that employers do not see you as worthy enough to even be considered for a job.

Guess the job thing is why I've thrown myself back into genealogy. More on the research later.

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The Epidemic Hits Home

Life has been difficult for the past two weeks. The heroin epidemic that has claimed many in the US made an impact on my family Thursday 22 September. My younger cousin, Ethan, ended up snorting a batch that was mixed with fentanyl (we assume) and it ended his life. The kid was twenty-three years old.

Those of us not living in New York did not know of his habit which made his death even more shocking. Add in the fact that we found out via facebook, before my aunt could get a hold of us, made it worse.

Perhaps I will write more on this issue. I am still trying to sort it all out and make sense of the past two weeks.
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Quick Update

I have been spending more time working on my photography than I have spent on school/college work. The results of this has been improvement of photography and a decline in my grades. Honestly, I do not care.

The thrill I get from shooting photos, capturing scenes, and getting the right lighting and settings is amazing. It's the only time that I feel alive! The lack of motivation for college, for what I use to love, scares me some...but I think it means little. It's burn out. It's being ran down into the ground. It's being pulled in a thousand different directions by people who do not care about my mental health.

*sigh* That aside, I will be posting more of my photography at some point along with new poems written.



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Back From the Dead

This is just a quick post.

Rumor has it that Tumblr may be shutting down, so I am returning to LJ. This time, I'm a little more mature, little less emo, and greatly obsessed with Vampire Chronicles. XD

My goal is to delete most, if not all, of my old post and the spam-worthy twitter post.

This time around, it'll be VC, my photography, literature, and reflections. Icons, however, I am not sure about.
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The Week

I finally finished The Vampire Armand, though I procrastinated on the final three chapters. It was not that they were not interesting but that fact that I did not want the book to end! It was such a good book and I fully and completely fell in love with Armand! He's such a sweet little vampire and, to some extent, we share a battle when it comes to our religious beliefs. I understand why Marius was so captivated by the small Russian child. The last chapter though (and no spoilers) killed me. My heart wept just as badly as he did.

Gah! What a wonderful book!

I'm moving back through the VC to The Vampire Lestat who is, surprisingly, not annoying me nearly as much as he had before. The first time I attempted to read the book Lestat drove me completely insane! This time, I am a little more sympathetic towards him. I suppose it is because Armand is somewhat sympathetic towards him. XD Of course I have developed a sort of love-hate for Louis. He drives me nuts with his whining, but not everyone has a good master so I cannot really blame him.
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The Vampire Armand

So I've picked up The Vampire Armand again, reading only 60-some pages yesterday, but completely in love more so. When l read about his return to Russia, giving all he had with him to his mother and father, telling them he was still alive (especially his father whom had mourn his death), I cried. It's a side of vampires often not seen, the returning to their parents one final time.

Of course, I made the mistake of going to tumblr to look at the vampire armand tag and found a bloodline graph/tree which ruined the end of the book for me. Or at least what happens to the mortals that Armand has looked after. -_-; Stupid spoilers... on a book that is 17 years old... XD
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